Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Question 1: How do I add myself to the directory?

Posting your listing at

  • Select "Add a Record" from the menu.
  • Fill out the form completely.
    • Hint: Use a valid e-mail address.
  • Click "Join Now" button.
  • To Verify your listing:
    • Check your e-mail for "Request Verification" e-mail.
    • Click on "Verification Link" at the bottom of e-mail.
    • Then you should see your personal information on that page.
  • You will receive a e-mail saying you have been added.

Note: You will not be added until you click on "Verification Link" in your e-mail. You only have a few days to click on this link. If link not clicked on within a few days, your pending listing will be automatically deleted from the database.


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