Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Question 2: Why can't I see my Listing?

Posting your listing at

  • Select "Add a Record" from the menu.
  • Fill out the form completely.
    • Hint: Use a valid e-mail address.
  • Click "Join Now" button.
  • To Verify your listing:
    • Check your e-mail for "Request Verification" e-mail.
    • Click on "Verification Link" at the bottom of e-mail.
    • Then you should see your personal information on that page.
  • You will receive a e-mail saying you have been added.

Note: You will not be added until you click on "Verification Link" in your e-mail. You only have a few days to click on this link. If link not clicked on within a few days, your pending listing will be automatically deleted from the database.

If you clicked on verification link and all you saw was this the verify a record page (EXAMPLE), but it was blank. Then you might have already been listed, or your email has been blocked. To check to see if your listed without paying the annually membership fee.

  • Click on "Edit a Record" option in menu.

    • Type in your email address & password.

  • Click on log in button. If you see your personal info show up then your listed.

You may have entered the wrong email address and that is the reason that you never got the verification link. Please let me know if you have any trouble with verification link, or if your receive any error messages.

Normally when you click on the verification link it will display your info that you fill out on the "Add a Record" page, but if you wait more than a few days. Then your submission was automatically deleted from the database on my website. You will need to resubmit on the "Add a Record" page only if it has been more then few days. If you are getting the below message.

Sorry, unable to submit [].

Than you are already added to the Directory, or your email has been blocked.

This DX record is waiting to be verified.
Please check your e-mails.

This means that you have been sent a Verification Email (EXAMPLE) that has a link at the bottom of that email. Before it will add you to the directory you must click on that link.


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